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Sleepy - SunnyD & Hex

Did anyone else stay up until midnight to watch the premier of Hex on BBC America last night? If you didn't, you should have. I'm sufficiently intrigued by this show. And the guy who plays Azazeal...too hot.

Summary from TVGuide.com: "Cassie, a shy student at a remote British boarding school, discovers that she has developed strange new powers that attract the attention of Azazeal, a fallen angel who wants her as a blood sacrifice."

Luckily I taped it while I was watching so that I can go back and catch the things I missed. I was getting the voting form ready for SunnyD (will come back to this in a moment) so I caught a lot of reactions, but missed the flashes that caused them. For those of you who didn't catch it, it'll be on again over the weekend at varying times.

Back to SunnyD...Voting won't open until after work today. I decided to double check that all the links were working this morning before uploading the voting form and found that a couple of them didn't. (One site had moved and the other was a LJ that is now locked.) I've emailed the people who nominated the stories and asked them to get me working links by 5pm (my time). I know that it's kind of short notice, but it's not my fault if the links provided don't work and I'm not going to include stories in voting that can't be linked to properly.
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