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Random crossover thoughts

I was reading a BtVS/Highlander crossover today and had an interesting thought. Now, this may have already been covered in the world of crossovers, but I don't often read them. I'm slowly working my way through the renting the Highlander series from Netflix (I'm up to disc 2 of season 2), so my interest in crossovers has been sparked again. I'm not totally up on my Highlander lore, so my phrasing may be off.

What would happen if someone with the potential to be an Immortal was turned by a vampire?

It's a violent death, right? But wouldn't they be fed the vamp's blood before waking up for the first time? Would that counteract whatever would have made them an Immortal? Would they be a vampire that can go out during the day? Would the Immortal...gene...prevent them from becoming a vampire? So many possibilities! All running in circles in my head.

Anyone know if this has been addressed in any fanfic? I'd love a link if it has.
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