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See you only at night

I just heard some disturbing news at work. Okay, so it was more of a rumor, because management doesn't actually tell us anything at work.

Apparently that monitor that they put on our computers a while back, they're actually using it now. They're monitoring how long people spend at non-work-related websites at what times of the day. I am usually logged into both my Yahoo & LJ for most of the day, even if I'm not actively using them. Guess it's time for that to stop, for a while.

This means that I am going back to only checking my email/LJ before work (I'm very glad that I get in half an hour early now) and during lunch. Crap! What am I supposed to do on the days that I'm bored out of my head? Maybe I'll get more writing done.


Bye daytime LJ!
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