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Finally! and a request for my fellow ASH fans

I have finally seen some episodes of Manchild! BBC America ran the first three episodes of the first season at 3am last night/this morning, and I remembered to set my VCR. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they plan on showing any more in the near future though. *pout* (I'm going to have to try to remember to keep checking BBCA's schedule.) But I'm still happy that I got to see this other show of ASH's. I've only seen Little Britain a couple of times because I always forget when it's on.

The request part of my post... Can anyone direct me to sites with good pictures of ASH in other roles? Those of you who belong to ripping_icons have probably noticed that I mainly have been using BtVS screencaps and promo shots of ASH. That's because I didn't have images of him in other things. For me, it felt wrong to provide the images when I hadn't seen him in those roles. Stupid, I know. I'm trying to rectify that now. So does anyone have images they can email me or provide links to sites that allow you to use their images?

I'm also fuzzy on the rules for snagging images from LJ comms like ash_daily. Am I allowed to snag/use images people share there in my icontest as long as I include the comm in my User Info resource post?

Oh, and I don't remember who had shared them, but does anyone have the shots of ASH in the leather g-string from Little Britain? I remember looking at them, but stupidly didn't save them.
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