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SoGA & back to work

I won 2 awards at the Shades of Grey Awards!!!! Kiss Me Deadly (Willow/Oz) was Runner Up for Best Het and Don't Warn the Tadpoles (Willow/Giles) Won for Best PWP! Since this is the second award for Kiss Me Deadly, I think that I'll give Oz his own page at my site - just as soon as I have some time.

Congrats go out to emeraldswan, shannon730, incasink, purplefeen & velvetwhip on their wins.

My favorite thing about returning to work after being on vacation is how happy everyone is to see me. I was greeted with several "Thank God you're back"s this morning. Being the laid back person that I am, I decided not to stress over my accounts and just go over them as they come up on my regular schedule next week.

A couple of my coworkers told me about shutterfly.com, which is a site that you can upload photos to, and then get good quality prints made. The prints look to be about the same as when I went to Target to print out my Scotland pics, so I think that I'll use this site to upload my Italy pics as well as get the hard copies for my scrapbook.
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