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International Fic Feedback Day

Snagged from a couple people on my Flist.

I don't have enough time to tell you all individually what I love about you and your writing. Just know that seeing something from you always brings a grin to my face when I see it in my inbox. I was going to list you by name at least, but you're too numerous. If you're on my flist, this is for you. Hugs and kisses and keep up the great writing!

Read 'n' Feed!
International Fic Feedback Day - Sunday November 7

A chance to give something back to the writers of all the fic that we've loved but just never got round to actually telling them. One day to re-read all your favourite fic from the last year and then give much needed and appreciated feedback to the writers who made it possible.

This is a multi-fandom event. Tell all your friends. Feel free to cut and paste this entry into your own LJ. If you'd like to make icons with the slogan or some variant on go right ahead. Pimp, pimp and pimp some more.
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