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I have wireless access!!!!!

I finally bit the bullet tonight and called the cable company when I got home from work tonight. Yes, I procrastinated all weekend. Well, after sitting on hold for 15 minutes the guy said that since my PC connects but not the laptop, that it's probably something to do with the router. He ran a test and said the signal seemed strong.

So I called Linksys and after sitting on hold for 10 minutes I did the online tech support chat. The guy told me to connect the laptop directly to the modem and run a program through their site. It worked! I had a nice, strong wireless signal after I reconnected the modem to the PC. I was afraid to turn my laptop off, but I did. I'll find out later if it holds. I really hope so.

I did take advantage of the working connection to update some bookmarks and email myself my Happy Ending ficathon story. It's by no means finished, but I was very worried that it was being held hostage on my laptop.
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