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There is a brand new multi-fandom awards site/community kicking it off today: Ultimate Television Fanfic Awards or simply ulttvfictest

Some of the Rules: (please see the User Info for ALL of the rules)

* All challenges will begin the first Monday of the month with voting to follow. For example Nominations would begin Monday March 6th and voting would begin the 1st day of April. The next round of nominations would go up on April 3rd so on and so on.

* No nominating or voting yourself, or previous winning fics. (So go nominate your favorite authors!!!)

* All nominations are to remain anonymous, nominees will be notified, but will not be told who nominated them.

* All categories are set for all fandoms, if one fandom receives more than 3 fics related to it, that fandom will receive its own category.

* You can nominate unfinished fics.

* You may only nominate one story by an Author in a category.
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