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Willowy Goodness

As those of you on jennie_wls's flist know, winners were announced on her LJ for the Willowy Goodness Awards today. As those of you on both our flists know, I am taking over the Awards from this point on. I spent the afternoon posting the winners (current and past) to the WGAs' new home: http://wga.hairy-eyeball.com

I am also excited that in my last eligible round, I won 5 Awards. *squee* I won Best W/G Author, Runner Up Best W/Other Male Author, Best W/G Fic: Don't Warn The Tadpoles & Best W/G Fic Runner Up: Crystalline Key {I tied with myself ::giggle::}, and Best Friendship Runner Up: An Indefinite Layover

Congrats to all of the other winners. There's way too many of you to name, so rather than risk forgetting someone, I'm congratulating all of you at once. And Jen, thanks for entrusting me with the site and all of your hard work up until this point.
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