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Getting ready to be a prezzie

Thanks everyone who sent me get well wishes. I think it worked. No nausea today. Woo Hoo. And my voice was back to normal. Still got a bit of a sore throat, probably from saying, "We just need a copy of your resume for registration" 150+ times today - and a cough.

And someone came to look at the apartment tonight. We've emailed a bit over the last couple of days. She's 23, an interior architect (who wants to decorate her living space - woo hoo), works not too far from here. She brought her cousin with her - he was her chauffeur because her car's not working - and they did a quick tour and left. I guess her cousin had a class to get to or something. All I got out of our brief chat was that she's moving because her roommate got engaged and the fiance is moving in.

I'm trying to be optimistic and believe that the cousin really did have a class and that that wasn't just some signal for get me out of here. I couldn't tell if the price sounded high to her, but I think it did. And she had more closet space in her current place than she'd have here. I guess she'll get back to me in a day or so. She was kinda quiet while she was here, so I don't really know what to expect. If she did like the place, I'd definitely want to sit down and talk with her more first.

::shrugs:: I didn't really expect the first person to be perfect, it would have been nice, but not necessarily reasonable.

Well, I'm all packed now, aside from things I'll need in the morning. I've got a shuttle bus booked to pick me up at my apartment at 8:45am. I can't wait!
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