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I think I'm sick

I've been coming down with a cold all week. On Monday I had a scratchy throat. On Tuesday I had a sore throat and a cough. Today I have a cough, no sore throat, a weak voice, and I'm kinda nauseous.

I just asked my boss if I can leave early after I finish updating my accounts for tomorrow's job fair we're hosting (and I have to attend). I also have to notify my regular clients that I will be going on vacation for four days (if I include tomorrow's outing as my being out-of-the-office time).

Yes, it's finally time to go surprise my dad for his birthday. And after Kerry's loss, he'll really need me showing up as a surprise to lift his spirits.

My body has a cruel sense of humor. When my co-workers were all sick last month, I was fine. When it's time for me to go visit my dad for the first time in 11 months, I get a cold. And I really hate any form of sickness. I've been upping my Vitamin C, Echinacea, Orange Juice, and chicken soup intake. Too bad I'm stressed because of work and the roommate situation. (I do have someone coming to look at the apt tomorrow though.)

I figure it's better to leave here early so that I can rest my body for tomorrow's long day at the job fair and then my trip. Screw the rest of my clients. Besides, I got hardly any sleep last night, and what sleep I did get I had very strange dreams. The scariest one had my dad looking like Giles, doting on me because I was sick while three of our/his cats sat at the foot of my bed (ironically, the one at my dad's house) and my brother and his friends were going through the stuff in my closet before setting up band equipment in my bedroom (still in my dad's house). {I'm not even going to think about the meaning behind Giles being my dad, especially since I write so much smut involving him.}
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