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Productive day

This has been a highly productive day so far.

I went to Curves this morning, like every Saturday. Two minutes after I arrived there was a freak snow squall that lasted for 15 minutes. By the time I left the sun was shining brightly. New England has weird weather.

After showering I turned on the computer, but was feeling restless, so I went to the mall. I needed a new battery for my watch. It's been dead since Tuesday and I've felt naked without it. At Marshalls I picked up a pair of maroon Keds to take to Rome. I have a pair of sneakers, but they don't have much support to them. The Keds were $15. I bought a blueberry scone mix there too. At Bath & Body Works I got Black Raspberry Vanilla body wash. At Yankee Candle I got two boxes of tea lights: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Mackintosh Peach. Finally, at Filene's Basement I got new leather gloves and a new workout top. I got everything that I needed, and a few I didn't. Oh, and I got Burger King for lunch.

Now I'm off to beta and then tally votes.
Tags: curves, shopping

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