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Well, after taking work home last night, and then rushing this morning, I am completely finished with everything that needs to be done this week - and I have an hour left before I can leave. ::sigh:: This is still better than not finishing by 5:30.

Now if only I could work on icons at work... I have several icon contests that end tonight that I'd like to make icons for, but sadly, just haven't had the time/energy this week to do.

Speaking of icons... This icon: Image hosting by Photobucket came in first at illyria_still. I really liked the way it came out and had to show it off.

Can you tell I'm bored yet?

Tonight I'll be watching In Justice while tallying more SunnyD votes. (99 to go!) I am rapidly becoming addicted to this show. It's a great concept: They help to free people who were wrongfully convicted of crimes.

Question for ficathon participants. How soon before the ficathon deadline can I post my story? Do I have to wait until the due date to post it or can I do it sooner? Does it usually depend on the host? phendog, if you see this, can I go ahead and post my stories or do you need me to wait until Monday night (after work - yes, I work on President's Day)?

Okay, back to re-reading Chained to You by purplefeen so that I can read the new chapters.
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