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I got my Pretender Season Three DVDs today!!!!!

I had pre-ordered it from my co-worker, but we had a job fair yesterday, so I didn't expect him to get it Tuesday or bring it to the fair. So I got it today. *bounces*

I know that I say this every time, but I hate job fair weeks. My nice schedule is all out of whack from getting ready or the job fair Monday and Tuesday. Then I was out of the office on Wednesday to work at the job fair (which was actually very successful - 50 companies and over 650 jobseekers). PLUS, my boss is on vacation, so I have extra work for the next two weeks that she would normally do. I ended up bringing work home with me tonight so that I'll be less stressed tomorrow. At least I can do that while watching my new Pretender DVDs.
Tags: dvds, pretender, work

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