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Whispers on a Breeze tied for first place for the Hit it Again Award at the rerunawards! It was one of only 2 BtVS stories to win, so thank you to everyone who voted for it/me.

Awards Site Pimpage
Bodice Ripper Awards (Giles-centric), Serenity on the Hellmouth (Jossverse character-centric), Best of... Awards (BtVS/AtS stories completed during 2005 - you can't nominate yourself, so go nominate your favorite authors/stories), & Shades of Grey Awards (general BtVS/AtS) are all still accepting nominations.

Voting is under way at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards & Angel Without Wings Awards.

Story Pimpage
Some of you have seen/pimped Freedom by purplefeen, but I need to do the same. If you haven't read this wonderful D&s Willow/Spike fic yet, go do it!
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