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I have finally seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! I think I'm one of the last people I know who hadn't seen it - aside from the friend I'd been waiting to see it with. I finally just went by myself. Since it's nearly out of the theatres, I ended up seeing it at an IMAX. I had an errand I had to run today and the only theatre showing GoF near where I needed to be was the IMAX. So I quite literally paid for the delay in seeing it. Although, it was amazing seeing it on such a big screen.

I got to run my errand after the movie let out. I had bought two Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (Charles Rennie Mackintosh's wife) prints when I was in Scotland and had taken them in to be framed together. I got the call during the week that it was finished. It was expensive, but worth every penny. I'll take a photo and post it when I get it hung up - which will probably take a few days.
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