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SunnyD Awards semi-plea

While in most categories I have waaaaaaay too many nominations (I shouldn't complain, I know), I do have a couple of categories that are sadly neglected. The following categories only have 1-3 nominations each and could desperately use more nominees. These are the ONLY categories I'm really interested in seeing more nominations for, although I know I have 7 waiting to go up in my email.

Best Crossover (Book)
Best Crossover (Book) Pairing
I know there aren't any currently on the nominees page, but I have one waiting to be posted.
Best Crossover (Movie)
Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing
Best Crossover (TV) Pairing

Yes, these are all crossovers, but I know that there are quite a few of you on my flist who read crossovers. Please take a second to nominate your favorite pairings/stories. I will put post a vote if there are only 2 nominations, but it's more fun, and fair, if there's more. Categories with only one nominee will be carried over to the next round.

Since nominations close on Saturday, I'll be spending the next couple of evenings coding the voting form for the 650+ current nominees.
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