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Delayed rant

I should have ranted about this last night when I discovered it, but was chatting with someone, so I kept doing that instead of distracting myself with an LJ post.

Has anyone else not been receiving Yahoo IMs? (rileysaplank, this happens to you sometimes, right?)

I found out that someone who I was expecting to IM me, tried 3 or 4 times to reach me on Monday and I never got them. She thought I was ignoring her, which I definitely was not - I just thought she forgot. I wasn't invisible and I was still receiving email alerts, but no IM windows popped up.

I'm sure that this is a YIM issue, although my internet has been hiccuping a lot lately. (Must remember to contact cable internet provider about that.) But that's only for a few seconds at a time, and I still should have received an offline message if I really was offline.

So if anyone else tried to IM me on Monday and I didn't respond, it's 'cause I didn't get it, not because I was ignoring you.
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