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I finally own a copy of Serentiy!!!! I bought it from my co-worker's DVD site and he brought it in today. Despite having just received 6 DVDs as gifts, I'll be watching this one when I get home tonight. Squee!

I'm done with all of my work for today and it's barely past 2pm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get out early today, but I'm starting to think that won't happen. Mainly because it's the end of the period today and the sales team is still $1200 away from making goal. Unless they get at least one big contract, or 7+ little ones (our smallest package is $200, but sometimes they go lower just to make the sale), we'll be here until 5:30pm. They won't let us out early if there's even the remotest chance that they can meet goal. (Which I do want to happen because then I get an extra $200 bonus.) ::grumbles::

So I'm catching up on my reading today. I should be writing, but for some reason, I'm better at reading at work, less distraction since I can't see the TV here.

It looks like I'm going to have to extend ripping_icons for another week. We've got all of 2 submissions so far. I'd like at least 5 before posting the poll. People have until 8pm EST to get their submissions in, but given that it's the week between Christmas & New Year's, I'm not that surprised. (Either that, or they just didn't like the challenge.)

ETA: The just made goal at 4:45pm so I just got the email that I can leave at 5. A whole 1/2 hour early!
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