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I'm doing the cookie thing today. I'm going to give them to my co-workers as gifts this year. Then I'm going to make another kind to give to my dad because they were his mother's recipe, and his favorite.

First I had to run to the grocery store this morning to pick up the things I forgot to get yesterday, namely margerine, a hand mixer, and something to put the cookies in. Turned out the mixer was half off today, so yay me.

I am making shortbread and chocolate chip cookies for the co-workers. The recipe my mom gave me for shortbread only makes 12 cookies per batch, which I didn't realize until I was nearly done. Must go write that on the paper. I'll just have to make a second batch later. Those just came out of the oven. I'll do the chocolate chip next. Then probably the other shortbread batch. If I still feel like baking, I'll make my dad's sour cream cookies last. Or wait and make them another day.

So if I'm slow responding to comments/emails, it's because I'm mostly away from my computer.
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