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Strange Dreams

Very vivid, movie-like dream last night/this morning. Ended up being a vampire horror flick.

I was in this futuristic, utopia society, far beneath the earth's surface. How long this society had existed changed throughout the dream – in the beginning, it had existed for hundreds of years; by the end, it was relatively new. (Kind of Matrix-esque in that area.)

However, in this utopia society, there was one vampire, Lucinda (most likely influenced by "Ella Enchanted"). She lived there with her mother. (Don't ask.) She loved it because she was able to go out during the "day", since daylight was completely artificial.

Until I arrive in this society.

I discover that Lucinda is not human, and begin to panic a bit. I tell my RL boss, Jenn.

Lucinda's mother (to be called LM from now on) tells her, Lucinda, that she knew this would come out one day. It had been risky to stay there as long as they had. Lucinda points out that they've never harmed any of the humans, they shouldn't fear them. LM points out that fear doesn't work like that. If people want expect vampires, they'll give them vampires.

It starts out slowly. I notice two "co-workers" (dream co-workers, not RL ones) acting strangely and hanging with Lucinda more than before. Soon, it seems like there are vampires everywhere. Jenn and I seem to be the only ones that notice anything's wrong. Well, she does after I show her the vampires in game face.

There's some kind of mad chase through our apartment and through buildings.

We try to leave the society, and at the docking/shipping/immigration/etc. area it's worse than inside. Vampires are fighting, acting crazed, in this poverty-stricken, forgotten place. We get on an elevator with Jane Curtin and a couple of kids. Out the glass elevator I can see the futuristic city and can't wait to be on a shuttle and away from this place.

Jane starts to freak out, the sudden rise in the vampire population getting to her. One of the little boys turns to me in vamp face and starts to attack me. I desperately find a pencil in my purse and try to stake him, but he doesn't go poof, it just sticks out of his chest and he grins at me manically.

Jane, still in hysterics, says that his transformation isn't complete, that's why it didn't kill him. Apparently, becoming a vampire is like a disease, taking a little time for the demon to take possession of the body, but while it's awake. This is why Jane is acting crazy – she's in the process of becoming a vampire.

I woke up around then.
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