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Pimping RPG

As some of you know, I am playing Giles in the _end_of_days Role Playing Game. Well, due to busy lives and characters yet to be filled, we have many openings. Check out EoD's user info for a full list of needed characters.

Why am I pimping this RPG community now if I've been involved in it since August? Well, I would like to find us an Andrew. He could come in really handy right about now plow-wise. If everyone is as afraid to tackle his character as I would be, would any of you be interested in playing a Watcher, an Original Character, with a lot of knowledge of demons, demon languages, and/or alternate dimensions?

We are also in search of people to play Gwen and Graham. (The girl who was playing them sadly had to leave the RPG due to RL.) Also Connor, Robin Wood and Riley would be nice.

If any of you are interested, then please apply according to the End of Days user info with your ideas for the character and where you would like to take him/her.

Thanks, and I hope to be (role) playing with you soon.
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