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We use a crappy host for our website called SearchEase. I'm not afraid to say it beause it's awful.

I had an issue from one of the sales reps a week ago where he couldn't find one of his client's ads by doing a keyword search for their company name. I knew that I had used HTML to bold the company name when I posted it, so thought that the problem was with that. We've had problems with searching for formatted text when searching before. I told my supervisor who forwarded on the issue to our webhost.

This was the response we had today:

The text in job posting in question reads "< center >< b >Cavalia". In order
for "cavalia" to become a search term it must be surrounded by regular
punctuation chars such as space, comma, period, etc. < b > is not an
acceptable separator, but you can use "< b > Cavalia < /b >" and it should
become searchable.

SearchEase Support

(Rant would have been posted sooner if I hadn't had to put spaces in the quoted coding so that it wouldn't format my rant. Imagine that paragraph without the spaces inside the <> marks.)

I repeat, WTF? In what coding universe do you need to put spaces around the word that is being formatted with HTML? Maybe I just don't understand the coding behind this. It's possible; I'm in no way a coding expert. But this just baffles. I use HTML to make my ads pretty constantly, usually to bold/underlind/italicize the job title for the ad that I'm posting. What this means, is that if that was the only time that word/phrase appeared in the ad, then you won't be able to find it by doing a keyword search on our site.

I'm not going back and figuring out all of the ads that I've used HTML in, that would take forever. Ads that I update on a regular basis I'll fix as I get to them. We've been using this f***ing system for three years and they are just now pointing this glitch out? And only after there were complaints!

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