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Extremely bored. I'm done with my work for today. I even finished the ads that I would have done on Monday since I won't be here due to the holiday. (There weren't that many, maybe a dozen.) I think that I rushed in the morning, hoping that we'd get out early today, even though we usually don't for Labor Day weekend. Now I have two hours to stare at my computer screen.

I'm even all caught up with my reading. At least, with the stories I had saved in my in-box.

I should probably start on my Watchers' Firsts ficathon story, but I'm still not sure what the plot's going to be. I have my three assigned words and I know which characters I'll be using, I just need to come up with a viable excuse for them to be in that situation. (Feel free to be confused by that paragraph.)

I wish I could make icons at work. I have Photoshop 5 on my computer, but it would be too obvious that I'm not working if I started using it since I rarely have graphics up on my computer at work.

ETA: They let us go half an early. Whop-de-doo.
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