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Willowy Goodness Awards Updates
Comm/Site: Willowy Goodness Awards Mod

I'm all caught up with nominations for the Willowy Goodness Awards. You have 7 days left to nominate.

These are the categories that could use the most help are:
The Big Gun Award - 1 nomination
Best Willow/Kennedy Author - 2 nominations
Best Willow/Kennedy Fic - 2 nominations
Best Willow/Spike Author - 2 nominations
Best Willow/Other Male Author - 2 nominations
Best Willow/Other Male Fic - 2 nominations
Best PWP - 2 nominations

Please make sure to read the rules and category descriptions before nominating.

Woot! I went and saw all the new noms and I am so pleased! I will pimp tomorrow and see if I can help drum up more.


There were definitely a lot to be added yesterday. I'm glad I checked before going away for the weekend.

I'm happy to see the list of current nominees and I hope you get more!

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