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This morning I woke up, feeling nice and comfy in my bed, snuggled warm under the covers. I thought, "This is nice. I could stay like this all day. How long before my alarm goes off? Wait, shouldn't it have gone off by now, it's pretty light out." I rolled over to discover that it was 7:59am - I usually leave for work at 8am. Yep, I forgot to set my alarm last night. I pretty much had a running mantra of "Oh crap, oh shit, oh fuck" while I took the fastest shower of my life, not bothering to wash my hair and scrambled to get dressed and presentable. I went from bed to car in 18 minutes.

A word of advice, if you're going to oversleep, do it on a holiday (for my non-American friends, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day). There was very little traffic and I managed to get in only 5 minutes later than normal, which is good since I usually get in 20 minutes early.

Now on to the piles and piles of typing I have waiting for me today. Why did I rush to get in here?
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