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My mom is going to drive me nuts. She emailed me with the subject line, "I know, I know..." so I knew it was going to be a guilt trip thing. She wants me to come home for her 10th anniversary party on August 6th. She says:

1. Would you come in for our Anniversary if I pay for the airline ticket?
2. Now for a harder question: Could you take Monday off?
3. Now for an even harder question: Would you mind very much getting home late on Monday?

1. I've said that I can't afford to pay for a plane ticket, but would consider coming if she paid for it.
2. No, I won't take Monday off. I'll be out for 3 days the previous week for WriterCon and I will not ask to take off a day a week later. It's not fair to my clients or my co-workers who have to cover for me. I've told her this before. I will not do it.
3. Moot point since I refuse to take Monday off.

Apparently it's only $215, but I'd have to a) leave Monday and b) get in at 10:46pm. It'd be hundreds of dollars more to fly back Sunday. I don't care if I have the vacation time, I do not want to ask for even a day off so soon after being away. Granted my boss would probably say yes, but I do not want to ask.
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